Teacher first, designer second.

 My research in academia focuses on developing pedagogy for milennials and the future generation. This research has developed into presentations and breakout sessions at national conferences and has led to teaching awards and countless national level competition appearances and awards for student work. 

For more information about my teaching methods please feel free to download and checkout my teaching philosophy from the link below or contact me through the form at the bottom of the page.

•Teaching Philosophy

Academic Highlights

  • Educator of the Year,
     National Student Show & Conference 2015
  • Excellence in Teaching Award
    Coastal Carolina University, CoHFA, 2014
  • New Student Organization of the Year,
    University of Southern Mississippi 2017
  • 50+ Student Awards

The Crucible Project

Champions keep going when they have nothing left in the tank. The Crucible is an hour long project given when students are already at their perceived limits. This project demonstrates that when they work together they can still do far more than imagined. 

Project Sheet

Feature Project: Textbook

Considered the most difficult project in my arsenal by most students this typography project calls for students to design and create a working textbook


"This was by far the most fun and the most I have grown as a student within a class, and I feel that my classmates and I are much more confident in getting ready for senior year and eventually applying for jobs next year."

-Unknown Student
From Student Evaluation