My heart lives on paper.

My studio work comes from a deep and personal place. My work is an outward expression of the pain and emotion felt through my life's experiences. Many pieces are visual parables while others simply express raw emotion through texture and degradation.

For more information about my studio work you can download and check out my artist statement. For information on commissions and pricing information please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

•Artist Statement

Recent Exhibitions

  • 2018 Valdosta National,
    Valdosta State University, Georgia
  • 5x5x5 38th Annual Mini-works Exhibition
    Jacksonville State University, Alabama
  • 38th Annual Paper in Particular
    Columbia College, Missouri
  • 2017 Clemson National,
    Clemson University, South Carolina

Destructive Beauty


This series serves as an allegory on beauty and its often times unseen destructive nature. It explores truth while also asking questions of our desires forcing a juxtaposition of grace and discomfort. 



This series stands as a record of pain. Emotions are time stamped in memory and replayed on paper. Each piece in this series illustrates either the agony through visceral abstractions of grit and distress, or the rise from torment through more literal parables. The tedious act of drawing infinite details helps to illustrate the time it takes to overcome the particular memory.