Educator of the Year 2015


Gotta pay the bills! This section includes work created for clients. Prof. Cotton's services many design needs. In this section you'll find everything from large Branding Campaigns to smaller Wedding Invitation Sets.



Check out the awesomeness being created in Prof. Cotton's classes. Work includes projects from Northeastern State University and Coastal Carolina University and covers a range of projects from Package Design and Branding to Typography and Illustration.



Yep, designers can draw too. Prof. Cotton also has a Studio Art degree along with his Communication Design degree and has exhibited in both the US and Europe. His studio work focuses primarily in drawing and the intaglio printmaking process, but he has skills in a plethora of other media including; oil painting, ceramics and sculpting.



Everything from letterpress, to 3D printing, Prof. Cotton is constantly looking into something new! Stop by here often to stay current on what he's working on and to see projects in development.

Prof. Cotton's Philosophy

My life is about living well, designing well and teaching others to do the same. I firmly believe that inspiration is the greatest catalyst for living well and I seek it in everything I do and try to create it for others in any way I can.

What's with the "General" title?

On the battlefields of the design classroom, Prof. Cotton is known for pushing his students to be the best. To be all they can be. They learn that beyond their ideas of perfection lies even greater expections. On a fateful afternoon in Tahlequah, Oklahoma in his first year of teaching a student bestowed the title on Prof. Cotton, and it stuck. Now he leads his students through the wasteland of mediocrity with the idea of never leaving a man behind.

"While working at NSU with Jacob Cotton, I found him to be extremely helpful, even though he was usually asked to deal with a substantial amount of work as the program's coordinator. I found him to be very friendly and easy to approach with any sort of inquiry, whether based on my needs as a teacher, the needs of the students, or the future of the program."

- Mark Hatley

Adj. Professor, NSU

Last Word

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed what you saw. I am available for studio commisions, graphic design work, and consultations. If you have any questions, or inquiries about pricing feel free to contact me via email or through my contact page.